» What is Shugendo?
Presentation: The Cosmopolitan Historical Background of Shugendō
» Mt. Koshikidake's Nyubu (Mountain Ascetic Training)

» Mt. Haguro's Akinomine (Autumn Peak)

» Entering the Shugen Gate: Getting Started with Koshikidake Shugen
» Mt. Omine's Okugake Shugyo (Okugake Trail Asceticism)
» An Indepth Exploration of the Daily Service in Koshikidake Shugen

» [Guest Article] The Spiritual World of Esoteric-Buddhism
» [Guest Article] Rare Shugen documents discovered at Sakuramotobō  

» [Guest Article] Shugendō Past and Present: Restoration of Shugen Sects 

» [Guest Article]  Religions in Japan: Many or None? (Dharma World 2016)
» Strong Like a Mountain: The History of Shugendō at Mt. Koshikidake

» Takigyo, Water Practices and The 'Ice Man', Wim Hof
» [Guest Article] The World of Omine Shugen: Practices of Immediacy
» [Guest Article] Haguro Shugen: Rebirth through Nature 

» [Guest Article] The Sublime Gate of Haguro Shugendo 

» [Guest Article] Where are the Kami?
» Lion's Roar: The Horagai (Conch Trumpet) in Shugendō 
» [Guest Article] Oh my Bento! 
» [Guest Article] Miyoshi's View
» [Guest Article] O-take Dainichi-Nyorai: A Servant Maid Becomes an Unlikely Shugendo Icon
» Kojin and Doji Practices in Koshikidake Shugen

» Healing, Divination and Exorcism in Koshikidake Shugen
» [Guest Article] Kukai's Dream and the Shugen of Omine
» Yama no Kami Mythology in Koshikidake Shugen
» A Brief Overview of Ascetic Practices in the Mountains & the Ten Realms Mandala
» The Story of Shippen Shonin
» The Law of Perseverance: An Interview with Mitsunaga Kakudo Dai-Ajari [Translation]
» [Guest Article] Learning Through Repetition

» Initiation and the Ascetic Self Identity 

» Two Weeks at West End's House of Freedom

» Contemporary Social-Ecology and Shugendō
» Tengu
» [Guest Article] Yamabushi and Tengu by Riten Tanaka
» Stress Builds Character: Stress, Modernity and the Dharma

» [Guest Article] Panel Discussion on World Heritage in the Kii Peninsula
» [Guest Article] Grief as Deep Activism
» [Guest Article] The Three Layers of Shintō
» [Guest Article] Daranisuke - Household Medicine with Shugendo Roots
» In Memory of Deborah Bird Rose
» Shugendo at Mt. Tateyama
» An Example of Ritual Memoranda (切紙 kirigami) in Shugendo
» Shugendo at Mt. Fuji
» Fuji-Ko and the Hatsuma-Tsutae 

» Post-ordination Rites in Koshikidake Shugen
» The Meaning of Yamabushi
» Jinpen Daibosatsu: Myths and Legends
» Don't Forget those on the Inside: Prison work and Justice
» Esoteric Astrology and Shugendo
» Remember the Myall Creek Massacre
» Keep the Fire Burning: Remembering Dundalli
» Shugendo at Mt. Omine: From Shingu-Nachi to Yoshino

» The Wild Deity of the Three Treasures

» Dimming the Light: Being and Deity in Shugen Cosmology

» Notes on Shugendo Outside of its Cultural Context: Contemporary Issues
     and the Exploitation of Esoteric Sects (Culture Vultures and Plastic Shamans)

» The Meaning of Shugyo

» Returning to Nature's Law: An Introduction

» Armour of Patience: Garments and Implements in Shugendo

» Shugendo Lore and Founding Myths (Engi)
» Yatagarasu in the Shugendo of Yamagata and Wakayama

» Feeding the Hungry Ghosts: Grief, Ancestors and Renewal

» Shugendo at Dewa Sanzan and a Visit to Mt. Yudono's 'Wizard Swamp'

» The Stages of the Bodhisattva Path and the Ten Vows of Fugen-Bosatsu

» 2014 Japan Shugendo Cultural Association Conference

» Biwa by the Falls: Shugendo at Mt.Takao and the Yakuōin Temple Complex

» The Skeleton and the Bell

» Dancing the Gods
» An Exploration of Post Ordination Rites in Koshikidake Shugen: 

Tokudo Saho shidai

Mokuyoku Saho Shidai
Kiza-Ho Shidai
O-Segaki Saho Shidai
Shasui Saho Shidai
Kuji-Juji Goshinpo Shidai
Takishugyo-Saho Shidai

Mine-iri Saho Shidai
Horagai Ryura
The Meaning of Yamabushi

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