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05.23 | mountain-entry: yamagata, japan with dai-ajari mitsunaga kakudo.

For more on Rev. Mitsunaga Kakudo see my translation of:

Living in the Practice: An Interview with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

current | lecture series: learning from the thirty-three sections.

current | services:

Regular services are conducted. Please contact for further details. 

current | foundational material on doctrine and practice.

An introduction to Shugen doctrine and the daily liturgies of our school.

Introductory material and learning opportunities ongoing.

Please contact me for further details.

forthcoming: learning from the dharma-gate of shugen (修験法門; shūgen hōmon).

📄 Please contact me for further details. See here for a basic foundation in Dharma.

current translation projects:
Shūgen Senpō Working Group.

Horagai Ryūra-Sahō Working Group.

• Learning from An Account of Shugen in Thirty-Three Sections.

• Learning from The Collection on the Essential Practices of Shugen.
• A Commentary on Shugen's single-offering homa-method dedicated to Acalanatha Vidyaraja.

• A Commentary on Shugen's 'roaring-homa' rite.

• [book] Shugen: Rebirth Through Nature with Prof. Gaynor Sekimori.

— past events:

• 01/23 - 03/23 | Winter Training.

• 12.05.22 | Reflections on a Past Pilgrimage

• 01.22 | Provincial Developments in the History of Shugen Part 1: Dewa.

• 06.2021 | Sangha QLD: Interventions into the Prison system Zoom Session.

• 13.04.2021 | Zoom Lecture: Shugendo and the politics of Indigeneity in Aoteroa

• 04.2020 | Online Zoom Lectures from Kannon-ji.

• 02.2020 | JP Society Online discussion ft. Rev. Shionuma Ryojun: Overcoming Mountains.

• 06.2019 | QSA Chaplaincy Convocation.

Mt. Koshikidake Mountain Entry & Valley Entry: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

• 2019 | Mt. Omine: Yoshino - Jinsen - Nachi Pilgrimage.

• 2015 | Mt. Haguro/Dewa-Sanzan: Cultural Revival with Rev. Komei Sato and Rev. Kokai Shimazu

• 2014 | Japan Shugendo Cultural Studies Association gathering: Tamukeyama Hachiman-gu Shrine, Nara.

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