» What is Shugendo? Introductions by Practitioners
» Presentation: The Cosmopolitan Historical Background of Shugendō
» Mt. Koshikidake's Nyubu (Mountain Ascetic Training)

» Mt. Haguro's Akinomine (Autumn Peak Training)

» Miraculous tales of En no Gyoja

» Entering the Shugen Gate: Initiation and Ordination in Koshikidake Shugen

» Sennichi Kaihogyo and Shugendo
» Lessons from the sanjusantsuki

» Notes on the 'Mirror of the Heart of Shugen' (修験心鑑書)

» Shugendo Doctrine (修験道の教義書)
Hakken (撥遣): The Transformation Between Sacred and Mundane.

» The Gate to the Celestial World (天上界へのゲート・)

» [Guest Article] Shugendo and Taoist Thought (修験道と道教)

» Saint of the Moon Disk: Kakuban 

» An Introduction to the Twin Mandalas in Shugendo
» [Guest Article] The Five Stages in the Mountain-Womb by Taiken (胎内五位と五輪塔婆)

» [Guest Article] The Meaning of Two Breaths (二息家)

» [Guest Article] Life and Death: Learning from Shugendo [Suicide Prevention Society Lecture]

» [Guest Article] JAXA Lecture: Astronauts and Yamabushi

» [Guest Article] History and the Heart of Shugendo Lecture

» [Guest Article] Mountain Logic and Urban Logic

» [Guest Article] Dialogue: Noh and Shugendo

» An Interview with Daisaburo Sakamoto [Translation]

» An Interview with Onoseki Ryuuka [Translation]

» [Guest Article] Separation of Gods and Buddhas at Dewa Sanzan by Isao Watanabe

» The Ancient Shugendo of Dewa: Rites of Death and Rebirth 

» A Short History of Nikko-Shugen (日光修験略史)

» A Survey of Waterfall Practice Styles at Haguro's Aki-no-mine (瀧打ちについて)

» Waterfall Training and Physiology (瀧打ち作法と物理療法)

» An Interview with Nakata Junei of Daigo-ji Sanboin [Translation]

» The Way of the Ascetic's Self-Exorcism by Tarobo (行者自身の除霊の修法)

» The Road to Koshikidake Shugen's Revival

» A comparative study of Homa rites (Sanbo-in Goma-ku and Kutaku-Ho Goma-ku).

» From the Archives of Kannon-ji: Points about Gohei (甑岳観音寺文書『御幣切方大事)

» Concerns about Dewa-Sanzan from the Yamabushi of Kotakuji-Shozen-in (出羽三山を憂う)

» Shinto and Buddhism: The Story of Izuna Daimyōjin (神道と仏教「飯綱大明神の話)

» The Mystery of Words (言葉の不思議)

» A Tengu Sutra

» Esoteric Buddhism: The Road to Practice and Joy in Faith 

» True Recollections of the Horagai (吹螺実録集)

» Mt. Omine's Okugake Shugyo (Okugake Trail Asceticism)
» An Indepth Exploration of the Daily Service in Koshikidake Shugen

» [Guest Article] The Spiritual World of Esoteric-Buddhism
» [Guest Article] Rare Shugen documents discovered at Sakuramotobō  

» [Guest Article] Shugendō Past and Present: Restoration of Shugen Sects 

» [Guest Article]  Religions in Japan: Many or None? (Dharma World 2016)
» Strong Like a Mountain: A Brief History of Shugendō at Mt. Koshikidake

» Takigyo, Water Ascetic Practices and The 'Ice Man', Wim Hof
» [Guest Article] The World of Omine Shugen: Practices of Immediacy

» The Three Mountains of Dewa and The Spirit of Yamagata
» [Guest Article] Haguro Shugen: Rebirth through Nature 

» [Guest Article] The Sublime Gate of Haguro Shugendo 

» Notes on the Shozan-Engi (History of Sacred Mountains)

» [Guest Article] Where are the Kami?
» Lion's Roar: The Horagai (Conch Trumpet) in Shugendō 
» [Guest Article] Oh my Bento! 
» [Guest Article] Miyoshi's View
» [Guest Article] O-take Dainichi-Nyorai: A Servant Maid Becomes an Unlikely Shugendo Icon
» Kojin and Doji Practices in Koshikidake Shugen

» Healing, Divination, Fortune Telling and Exorcism: An Aspect of Shugendo.
» [Guest Article] Kukai's Dream and the Shugen of Omine
» Yama no Kami Mythology in Koshikidake Shugen
» A Brief Overview of Ascetic Practices in the Mountains & the Ten Realms Mandala
» The Legend of Shippen Shonin
» The Law of Perseverance: An Interview with Mitsunaga Kakudo Dai-Ajari [My Translation]
» [Guest Article] Learning Through Repetition

» Initiation and the Ascetic Self Identity 

» Two Weeks at West End's House of Freedom

» Contemporary Social-Ecology and Shugendō
» Tengu: Amplifying our Conceit
» [Guest Article] Yamabushi and Tengu by Riten Tanaka
» Stress Builds Character: Stress, Modernity and the Dharma

» [Guest Article] Panel Discussion on World Heritage in the Kii Peninsula
» [Guest Article] Grief as Deep Activism
» [Guest Article] The Three Layers of Shintō
» [Guest Article] Daranisuke - Household Medicine with Shugendo Roots
» In Memory of Deborah Bird Rose
» Shugendo at Mt. Tateyama
» An Example of Ritual Memoranda (切紙 kirigami) in Shugendo

» Turning Towards the State of the World: Grief and Praise for the Yama-no-Kami

» Shugendo at Mt. Fuji
» Fuji-Ko and the Hatsuma-Tsutae 

» Post-ordination Rites in Koshikidake Shugen
» The Meaning of Yamabushi

» Foundations of Sutra Recitation

» [Guest Article] The Spirit of the Dewa Basin
» Jinpen Daibosatsu: Myths and Legends
» Don't Forget those on the Inside: Prison Work, Abolition and Justice
» Esoteric Astrology and Shugendo
» Remember the Myall Creek Massacre

» The New Age Power-Spot Movement and Academia: The Impact on Shugendo

» [Guest Article] A Conversation with Bernard Faure and Rev. Shionuma Ryojun

» Keep the Fire Burning: Remembering Dundalli
» Shugendo at Mt. Omine: From Shingu-Nachi to Yoshino

» The Wild Deity of the Three Treasures

» Dimming the Light: Being and Deity in Shugen Cosmology

» Notes on Shugendo Outside of its Cultural Context: Contemporary Issues
     and the Exploitation of Esoteric Sects (Culture Vultures and Plastic Shamans)

» The Meaning of Shugyo

» Returning to Nature's Law: An Introduction

» Armour of Patience: Garments and Implements in Shugendo

» Shugendo Lore and Founding Myths (Engi)
» Yatagarasu in the Shugendo of Yamagata and Wakayama

» Feeding the Hungry Ghosts: Grief, Ancestors and Renewal

» Shugendo at Dewa Sanzan and a Visit to Mt. Yudono's 'Wizard Swamp'

» The Stages of the Bodhisattva Path and the Ten Vows of Fugen-Bosatsu

» 2014 Japan Shugendo Cultural Association Conference

» Biwa by the Falls: Shugendo at Mt.Takao and the Yakuōin Temple Complex

» The Skeleton and the Bell

» A Brief Biography of the Yamabushi Restorer Shobo (Rigen Daishi).

» Dancing the Gods
» Commentary and Introduction to Fundamental Post-Ordination Sadhana in Koshikidake Shugen 

» Mandala of the Mountain: ubasoku.net blog 


» Commentary and Introduction to Fundamental
Post-Ordination Sadhana in Koshikidake Shugen:

Tokudo Saho shidai (修驗法流得度作法次第)

Mokuyoku Saho Shidai (沐浴作法)
Kiza-Ho Shidai (起座法/共語法/上厕法)
Hajigoku-Saho (破地獄作法) / O-Segaki Saho Shidai (施餓鬼)
Shasui Saho Shidai (取水略作法)
Kuji-Juji Goshinpo Shidai (九字十字之大事)
Ofuda (御札)
Koshi-Bonten (腰梵天)
Takishugyo-Saho Shidai (入瀧作法之大事)
Asagongyo/Yorugongyo Sutra Study (朝勤行/夜勤行)
Mine-iri Saho Shidai
Horagai Ryura
Meido Gongen Gomagyo (甑嶽権現鳴動護摩供私記)


Genpi Jingi Hihō Tsūyō Shidai (厳秘神祇秘法通用次第)
Gohei (御幣)

Horagai Scores of Koshikidake Shugen (甑嶽修驗法螺之譜)

Hoken Saho (剣の文)

Hashiramoto Shimpo (柱源護摩供)

Genpi Okuden Senko-Goma Kito-Ho Shidai (厳秘奥伝綫香護摩祈祷法)

Saito Dai-Goma Shidai Study (採燈大護摩供)

Gyoja Daibosatsu Ho Study (行者大菩薩法)

Gosonpo (五尊法)

Ajikan Goma Saho (阿字観護摩作法)

Fudo-Ho Wata Shiki (不動明王念誦涌法)

Harima-Saito Harai (播磨斎藤家文書: 祓い作法)
Kaigen Saho (最略発遣)
Sairyaku Hakken (開眼作法)
Dakini-Ten Hi-Ho (ダキニ天秘法)
Shogun-Jizo-Ho (勝軍地蔵法)
Chiraten-Ho (稲(飯)綱智羅天法)
Uranai (星座占い)
Dewa no Shugen Shidai: Fudo-Ho (不動法)

Torii Shinzo Kaigan: Koshikidake Kannon-ji (鳥居新造開眼)
Gohei of Koshikidake Kannon-Ji (御幣切方大事)