— Activity & Upcoming Events.

⭐10.22 | Mountain Retreat: Wisconsin (Turtle Island) with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

⭐05.23 | Mountain Retreat: Yamagata, Japan with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

For more on Mitsunaga Kakudo see my translation of:

Living in the Practice: An Interview with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

⭐ Current | Lecture Series: Learning from the Thirty-Three Sections.

⭐ Current | Foundational Material on Doctrine and Practice.

An Introduction to the Morning and Evening Liturgy of our school.

Introductory material and learning opportunities ongoing.

Please contact me for further details.

⭐ Forthcoming: Learning from the Dharma-Gate of Shugen (修験法門; shugen homon).

Please contact me for further details.

⭐ Current translation projects:
 Shugen Senpo Working Group:  Divination methods in Shugendo.

• Learning from An Account of Shugen in Thirty-Three Sections
• A Commentary on Shugen's single-offering homa-method to Acalanatha Vidyaraja

• A Commentary on Shugen's 'roaring-homa' (権現鳴動護摩供私記).

Past Events:

12.05.22 | Reflections on a Past Pilgrimage

01.22 | Provincial Developments in the History of Shugen Part 1: Dewa.

06.2021 | Sangha QLD: Interventions into the Prison system Zoom Session.

13.04.2021 |  Zoom Lecture: Shugendo and the politics of Indigeneity in Aoteroa

04.2020 | Online Zoom Lecture from Kannon-ji.

02.2020 | JP Society Online discussion ft. Rev. Shionuma Ryojun: Overcoming Mountains.

Mt. Koshikidake Retreat: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

2019 | Mt. Omine: Yoshino to Nachi Pilgrimage.

2015 | Mt. Haguro / Dewa-Sanzan Training.

2014 | Japan Shugendo Cultural Studies Association gathering: Kyoto.

[ Outdoor votive fire festival in Higashine, Yamagata. ]

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