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[ Outdoor votive fire festival in Higashine, Yamagata. ]

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Nyūbu: Rituals of Death and Rebirth in the Mountains

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Contents [+photobook]:
1. Introduction: Chemistry of the Universe
2. Notes on the Essential Practices of Shugendo
3. Shugendo: Origin, Development and Expression.
4. Living in the Practice and the Law of Perseverance
5. The Blossoming Flower of Awakening
6. Where are the Kami?

7. Ritual and the Unborn Dead
8. Breaking our Conceit
9. Grief and Reverence for the Mountain Divinity.
10. Strong Like a Mountain: Shugendo at Mt. Koshikidake
11. Practices of Immediate Awakening

12. Death: Learning from Shugendo
13. Tending to the Dead and Feeding Hungry Ghosts

14. A Wandering Beggar's 'Stage of Practice'

15. Initiation and the Ascetic Self-Identity in Shugendo

16. Entering the Sublime Gate

17. Footnotes & Recommended Reading

[Book] An Annotated Translation of The Myths and Legends of the Founder.

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1. Intro: 1300 Years onwards— En'no Gyoja's significance today.

2. Folk stories from the margins and the common people.

3. The myths and legends of En'no Gyoja.

[Book] The World of Yamabushi Doctrine and Practice [translation]

 [Book] Shugendo: Rebirth through Nature by Shokai Koshikidake [Forthcoming]

[Denpo Gakuin] Oral-transmission of the Sādhanā of the Great-Ascetic Bodhisattva

        Advanced commentary on Shugendo's single offering puja. Please contact for further details.


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