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[ Outdoor votive fire festival in Higashine, Yamagata. ]

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Nyūbu: Rituals of Death and Rebirth in the Mountains

[photo book forthcoming]

Tales of the Great Ascetic Bodhisattva: 

An annotated translation of the myths and legends of the founder. [1]

Introducing the World of Yamabushi Doctrine and Practice [translation]

Shugendo: Rebirth through Nature by Rev. Shokai Koshikidake [Forthcoming]

[Denpo Gakuin] Oral-transmission of the Sādhanā of the Great-Ascetic Bodhisattva

Ritual-practice commentary (178pp) on Shugen's single offering sadhana to En'no Gyoja. 
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[Denpo Gakuin] The Dharma-Gate of Shugen
Learning from the Thirty-Three Sections

Lay Practitioner Daily Liturgy Book

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Ritual-services (加持祈禱) and chaplaincy through QSA available by request.
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