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[ Outdoor votive fire festival in Higashine, Yamagata. ]


Shugendo by Shodo Koshikidake ft. Gaynor Sekimori
An introduction to Shugendo and the efforts of Shodo Koshikidake
to revive his family's temple and tradition.
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Shūgen Nyūmon
An introduction to Buddhism from the perspective of the Shugen sect.
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Forthcoming Publications:

Tales of the Great Ascetic Bodhisattva
An annotated translation of the myths and legends of the founder.

Nyūbū: Rituals of Death and Rebirth in the Mountains
Photobook and articles on the mountain-asceticism of Shugen

Introducing the World of Yamabushi Doctrine and Practice [translation]
An introduction to the doctrine, perspective and practice of Shugen

The Dharma-Gate of Shugen: Learning from the Thirty-Three Sections

Lay Practitioner Daily Liturgy Book


Ritual-services (kajikitō) and chaplaincy

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Prints & other items:
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