The following pages will introduce readers through the words of some of the most renowned figures across the various lineages of Shugendo today. These are not academic articles but rather the words of experience from seasoned practitioners.

⭐ The first is by Shokai Koshikidake:
Current head-priest of Koshikidake-Kannon-ji Temple (Yamagata).

⭐ The second is by Riten Tanaka:

Head of temple office of the Kinpusen Shugen sect and head-priest of Rinnanin Temple (Ayabe).

⭐ The third is by Miyagi Tainen

Current head-priest (gomonshu) of Shogo-in (Kyoto)

⭐ The fourth piece is by Kokai Shimazu

Previous head-priest of Kotaku-ji Shozen-in temple (Yamagata)

⭐ The fifth article is by Junnei Nakata,

Head-priest of Daigo-ji (Kyoto).

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The first two sections of these were submitted for the Shugendo Cultural Studies Association magazine. 

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