Note: Shugendo, as a tradition based on initiation, consecration and direct

oral-transmission between teacher and student, cannot be learned through

books. The following is presented as reference material and recommended

reading. See the blog for more. Contact for access to physical library if
you're in the area.


Introducing Shugendo Sekimori and Moerman

Connecting the Past and Present of Shugendo A. Eckelmann

Shugendo: State of the Field and Bibliographic Review G. Sekimori
Mandala of the Mountain Gaynor Sekimori

An Introduction to the Sakuramotobo Documents Ebara

Geographical Perspectives on the Study of Shugendo Oda
Mountain Mandalas: Shugendô in Kyushu Allan G. Grapard
Notes on the Revolution of the Image of Shugendō Amada
Ascetic Practices in Japanese Religions Tullio Federico Lobetti
Shugendo Shokai Koshikidake

Ascetic Ressentiment: Historical consciousness and mountain politics in Northeastern Japan Dahl
Defining Shugendo
Castiglioni, Rambelli & Roth
Shugendō: Essays on Japanese folk-religion  Hitoshi Miyake
Haguro Shugendo: The Mountain Peak [Transcript] Gaynor Sekimori
The Catalpa Bow: Shamanistic Practices in Japan Carmen Blacker
Bowing Low Before Nature Vol. 1 & 2  Fuminaro Saeki
The Cave and the Womb World H. Hardacre
Foetal Buddhahood: From Theory to Practice  Gaynor Sekimori
The 44th Tozan-Ha Okugake Shugyo: A First Hand Report Raji Steineck
Shugendo and the Yoshino-Kumano Pilgrimage Paul Swanson
Defining Shugendō Past and Present: Nikko and Koshikidake  Gaynor Sekimori
Shugendō: Pilgrimage and Ritual in a Japanese Folk Religion Andrea K. Gill
Paper Fowl and Wooden Fish Gaynor Sekimori
Kumano Mandara Susan Zitterbart
Geotyping Sacred Space Allan G. Grapard
From the City to the Mountain and Back Again Mark P. McGuin

Shugendo Lore Gorai Shigeru
A Robe of Leaves Klonos
The State Remains, but Mountains and Rivers are Destroyed A. Grapard

Shugendo: Les mystérieux moines bouddhistes des montagnes Guintard

Religious practices in the mountains: From fleeing the hells of consumer society Mala
The Mountain Spirit Charles & Harold
Traversing Boundaries Hong-Hong Lin

L’ascèse de la Grotte de Shô Roth

The Gods Come Dancing J. Goff
To Seek the Essence and Truth: Panel Discussion on Sacred Sites in the Kii Range
Symphony for Peace Statement Riten Tanaka
The Protocol of the Gods Grapard

Where Mountains Fly: The Honji-suijaku mechanism in Japan Roth
Haguro Shugendô and the Separation of Buddha and Kami Worship
Mt Togakure: Producing Place, Tradition and the Gods
Caleb Swift Carter
A Religious study of the Mount Haguro sect of Shugendo
B. Earhart
Tozan-Ha Shugendo in the Early Modern Period
The Cult of Mount Atago and the Atago Confraternities A. Bouchy
Echoes in the Mountains: Locating Usui’s (Reiki) Experience
Flying Mountains and Walkers of Emptiness
A Grapard

Au-delà des montagnes  Roth
Shugendô, the Traditions of En no Gyôja, and Mikkyô Influence
B. Earhart
The Ideal of Nature in Japanese Religion and its Possible Significance for Environmental Concerns
B. Earhart
The Contested Space of Buddhist Public Rituals: The shunie of Tôdaiji
L. Dolce
Learning to Persevere: The Popular Teachings of Tendai Ascetics
S. Covell
Transformation, Rupture and Continuity: Issues in Contemporary Shugendo
Emplacing a Pilgrimage
B. Ambros
The Ôyama Cult and Regional Religion in Early Modern Japan
B. Ambros
Taming demons: Anti-superstition and the invention of religion in Japan Josephson

Performing Power: Ritual Dance Performance of "Yamabushi Kagura" Averbuch
The Deity and the Mountain Nagasawa

Summits Where Souls Gather: Mountain Pilgrimage in Post-disaster Japan S. Dahl
Zaô Gongen: From Mountain Icon to National Treasure
H. Blair
Initiation in Shugendô: Passage Through the Ten States of Existence
C. Blacker
What's at Stake in Designating Japan's Sacred Mountains as UNESCO World Heritage Sites?  
M.P McGuire
Shashin Gyoja Jitsukaga no Shugendo
A. Bouchy (Blacker)
Kofukuji and the Mountains of Yamato Tyler
Shugendo and the Sea
Shugendo and its relationship with the Japanese Esoteric Sects
Walking the Great Ridge Omine on the Womb-Diamond Trail
Combinatory Practice in the Life of an Edo-Period Village Shugen: Rituals from Koshikidake Kannonji
Fire on the Mountain: The Shugendo Saito-Goma R.K Payne
Myth and Deity in Japan: The Interplay of Kami and Buddhas
Toji and Sekimori
The Book of Great Practice: The Life of Kakugyo Tobutsu
R. Tyler
The Life-long Spiritual Journey of an Apprentice Bonze
Shionuma Ryojun
Mountain Veneration and the Pre-History of Shugendo
En No Gyōja: The Legend of a Holy Man Vol.1-4 
Linda Klepinger Keenan
Sacred Mountains of the World

Going Back to One’s True Nature Geeraert
Initiations in Shugendo: Passage through the Ten Realms of Existence
Embodying the Deities Scarangello
Semiotics of Mountain Ascetics in Japan Okuyama
Living Buddhas: The Self-mummified Monks of Yamagata, Japan
Ken Jeremiah
Animal Witchcraft in Japan
The Religious Traveller in the Edo Period
The Exiled Warrior and the Hidden Village
The Folklore of the Stranger
The Mistress of the Animals: Yamanokami

The Outside of Butoh Is the Inside of the Body Nakajima
Ancient Cosmologies

Mountains of Time Dahl
Shinra-Myojin and Buddhist Networks of the East-Asian 'Mediterranean' Kim
Songs to Make the Dust Dance Kim
The Akinomine of Haguro Shugendo: A Historical Perspective Sekimori & Shimazu
The Way to Supernatural Powers: Mountain Religion in Japan
Allan Grappard
Localizing Paradise: Kumano Pilgrimage in Medieval Japan

Buddhism in Syncretic Shape: Lessons of Shingon in Brazil Rafael Shoji
Religion in Japan: Arrows to Heaven and Earth
Kornicki & McMullen
The Seperation of Gods and Buddhas at Omiwa Shrine Antoni
On Shugendō and Ascetic Matters Andrea Castiglioni
Religions of Japan in Practice
G. Tanabe
Okugake Muda
Daoism in Japan Richey

The Separation of Gods and Buddhas at Omiwa Jinja in Meiji Japan Antoni
Rearranging the Landscape of the Gods: The Politics of a Pilgrimage Site Thal
‘Dog-men,’ Craftspeople or Living Buddhas? Rambelli
Folk Religion and Nature Miyake Hitoshi
The Hashira-matsu (Pine Pillar) and Shugendo
Wakamori Taro
Religious Rituals in Shugendo: A Summary
H. Miyake
Four Ritual Periods of Haguro Shugendo in Northeastern Japan
HB Earhart
Religious Space, Landscape and Behaviour
O-take Dainichi Nyorai, or How a Servant Woman in Edo Became an Icon of Haguro Shugendo Sekimori

Sacred Ecology. Traditional Knowledge and Resource Management Berkes

Myth and Gender in Japanese Shamanism: The "Itako" of Tohoku Miller

Journey, Pilgrimages, Excursions in the Early Modern Period Toshikazu

The Hora (Conch Trumpet) of Japan Hajime Fukui
Mapping Sacred Spaces
Talia J Andrei
The Cosmology of Shugendo: Shamanism and Shugendo Thought
Miyake Hitoshi
Star Rituals in Nikko Shugendo
G. Sekimori
Mountain Religion: Shrines, Temples and the Development of Shugendo
M. Hitoshi, Yamamoto & Sekimori
The Ainu Worldview
Takako Yamada
The Moon Bear as a Symbol of Yama
Catherine Knight
Zao Gongen: From Mountain Icon to National Treasure
Heather Blair
Self-Mummified Buddhas in Japan. An Aspect of the Shugen-Dô Sect
Ichiro Hori
Making a Space for Hope: Mountain Asceticism in Shugendo Now
M.P McGuire
Edo-Meiji Shingon and Tozanha Shugendo in Western Sagami
B. Ambros
The Impact of Shugendo on the Painting of Yokoi Kinkoku P. Fister
Four Ritual Periods of Haguro Shugendo in Northeastern Japan
H. B Earhart
The Invention and Reception of the Mino'odera engi
Tsuyoshi Kawasaki
Entering the Pure Land 
W. Lee
Rearranging the Landscape of the Gods: The Politics of a Pilgrimage
S. Thall
The Choreography of possession in Kagura Performance
I. Averbuch
Sacred Mountains and Women in Japan: Fighting a Romanticized Image
To Believe or Not Believe: A Native Ethnography of Kanashibari
The Interactional Perspective of Suffering and Curing in a Japanese Cult
Dancing as If Possessed: A Coming Out Party in Edo Spirit Society
Medieval Shintō as a Form of 'Japanese Hinduism' Iyanaga
The Interpretations of Fox Possession: Illness as Metaphor Matsuoka
Daoism in Japan 
ed. by Jeffrey L. Richey (review) Sekimori, Gaynor
The Power of Denial: Buddhism Purity and Gender
Buddhist Perspectives on our Global Ecological Well-being
Ruben Habito
Yamabushi: Summoning the Mountain's Powers
J. Irish
Buddhas and Kami: Honji Suijaku as a Combinatory Paradigm
Rambelli & Teeuwen
Dancing the Doctrine: Honji suijaku thought in Kagura performances Averbuch
Gendering the Study of Shugendo Kobayashi
A Mountain Set Apart: Exclusion, Buddhism, and Tradition at  Ōminesan
 L. Dewitt
Sacralizing the Border: The Engendering of Liminal Space
In Search of a New Interpretation of Ascetic Experiences M. Raveri
Shugendo: Cultivating spiritual power and health in contemporary Japan
Buddhist stone and the influence of Shugendo in the Kyushu region
Shugendo as Ecological Tradition
Itogo, Karasawa & Loiskandl
Ascetic Practices in Japanese Religion
Worldly ascetics  
Ascesis and Devotion: The Mount Yudono Cult in Early Modern Japan
Power Spots and the Charged Landscape of Shinto
A Mountain of Problems: Mount Haguro's Feuding Yamabushi Nicolaysen
Hospitality for the Gods
A Japanese Shugendo Apocryphal Text

Kumano Beliefs and Yudate Kagura Performance Masataka Suzuki & Gaynor Sekimori
Shinto, Nature and Ideology in Contemporary Japan : Making Sacred Forests Aike
The Lotus Repentance Liturgy of Shugendō: Identification from Vocal Arts Ōuchi 
The Ainu of Tsugaru: Indigenous History and Shamanism of northern Japan
Women, Rites, and Ritual Objects in Premodern Japan
K Gerhart
Real and Imagined: the Peak of Gold in Heian Japan. H.E Blair
Contesting the Sacred: The Anthropology of Pilgrimage. Eade & Sallnow
Lotus in the Mountain, Mountain in the Lotus Gorai Shigeru
Mountains and the Idea of the Other World in Japanese Folk Religion Hori Ichiro
En the Ascetic L. Keenan
Shintō Mortuary Rites in Contemporary Japan Kenney
Forests of the Gods: Shinto, Nature and Sacred Space in Contemporary Japan Rots
Worldwide Kami, Global Shinto: The Invention and Spread of a "Nature Religion" Rots

The Deity and the Mountain Nagasawa
Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan: Buddhism and Its Persecution Ketelaar
Shugendō in the Tokugawa Period: Ōmine as Imaginary Space and Place Klonos
Rites of Blind Biwa Players Khalmirzaeva
Religious Rituals in Shugendō: A Summary Miyake Hitoshi
Localizing Paradise Moerman
Changes in the Concept of Mountains in Japan Sato Hiro / Klatau (trans.)
Shugendō: l’histoire et la culture d'une religion Japonaise Faure, Moerman, Sekimori
The Body and Buddhist doctrine in the Shugendô of Akyûbô Sokuden Goy
The Development of Suijaku Stories about Zaō Gongen Suzuki
Origins of the Musical and Spiritual Syncretism of Nōmai in Northern Japan Asai
Prayers for the Whales: Spirituality and Ethics of a Former Whaling Community Kato
Somokuto: Memorializing the Spirits of Trees and Plants Chitose
Deciphering Mountain Worship Kaminishi
The Rise of Shugendo
A Contemporary Fujiko
Pilgrimage Confraternities: People Come to the Moutnain
Cosmic Model and World Renewal
The Mountain Becomes the World
Asceticism: Opening the Mountain
Attitudes towards Mountains
Bernbaum & Price
In the Shape of a Peron: The Varieties of Ritual Uses of Effigy in Japan
The Kami-Worshiping Tradition: Kumano
Playful Relief: Folk Performing Arts after the 2011 Tsunami
Female Rulers and Female Immortals
The Deity and the Mountain
Geomancy and Town Planning
Journeys, Pilgrimages, Excursions
Toshikazu & Nenzi
The Shinto of Yoshida Kanetomo

Tourist Development and Cultural Consumption of Mountain Worship at Yoshino and Kumano Akinori
Lotus in the Mountain, Mountain in the Lotus
Shamanic Dance in Japan
The Celebration of Haru-Yama (Spring Mountain)
Shamanism in the Origins of No Theatre

The Fall Peak, Professional Culture, and Document Production Clements
The Disappearing Medium: Reassessing the Place of Miko

The Historical Development of Ikebana Nakayama
Japanese Tantra, the Tachikawa-ryu and Ryobu Shinto
On the Concept of Hijiri
Freedom of Expression J.K Nelson
My Own Inari
K.A Smyers
Honji Suijaku Faith
Kofuku-ji and Shugendo
R. Tyler
Shinto Funerals in the Edo Period Kenney
Shintō Mortuary Rites in Contemporary Japan Kenney
Shugendo Art
The Hashira-matsu and Shugendo
The "Sending Back" Rite in Ainu Culture
At the Intersection of Travel and Gender
Mortuary Practices
Syncretism and Ambiguity
Japanese Folk-Beliefs

The Doctrinal Origins of Embryology in the Shingon School Kameyama
Shamanism in Japan
The Shinto of Yoshida Kanetomo A. Grapard
Transformations and Transfer of Tantra in Asia and Beyond Keul

The Foundations of Buddhism

Kukai to Kakuban Abe
Mandala: From Its Genesis to the Kalacakratant Kimiaki Tanaka

A Brief Exploration of Late Indian Buddhist Exegeses of the “Mantrayāna” and “Mantranaya” Wallace

The Mahāvairocana Abhisaṃbodhi Tantra Hodge

In Defense of Ritual  R.K Payne
Skilful Means: The Heart of Buddhist Compassion
John W. Schroeder
The Awakening of Faith Hakeda
The Way of the Bodhisattva Shantideva
True Words, Silence and the Adamantine Dance Rambelli

A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms Inagaki
The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism Buswell Jr. & Lopez Jr.
Wind, Waters, Stupas, Mandalas J.H Sanford
Mahayana Buddhism: The Doctrinal Foundations Paul Williams
The Lotus Sutra Murano
The Stories of the Lotus Sutra Reeves
A Buddhist Kaleidoscope: Essays on the Lotus Sutra Reeves
Curing with Kaji: Healing and Empowerment in Esoteric Buddhism Winfield
The Path of Compassion Batchelor
Stopping and Seeing Chih-i
The Fluid Pantheon (Vol.1) Bernard Faure
Protectors and Predators (Vol.2)
Bernard Faure
With the Help of 'Good Friends': Deathbed Ritual Practices in Early Japan Stone

A Comparative Study of the Concept of Dharmakāya Buddha in Huayen and Shingon Park
Reflecting Mirrors: Perspectives on Huayan Buddhism
Faith, Practice and Enlightenment in the Avataṃsaka-sūtra and the Huayan School
Deconstructing and Reconstructing Yogācāra in Huayan Buddhism
Japanese Mandalas: Representations of Sacred Geography
Carmen Blacker: A Biographical Memoir
A Preliminary Textual Study of the Susiddhikara-sutra Giebel
The Beginnings of Deathbed Practice in Japan Stone
What is "Original Enlightenment Thought"?
On Knowing the Mystery: Kukai and Thomas Aquinas
Attribute of the Sacred and Phenomenal in Aquinas and Kukai
From Rice Cultivation to Mind Contemplation
The Hora of Japan
Japanese Tantra, the Tachikawa-ryū, and Ryōbu Shintō Bernard Faure

Nonduality and Absolute Affirmation: Deconstructing Hongaku Writings Habito

An Annotated Translation of the Tattvasamgraha Todaro

Tracing the Evolution of Esoteric Buddhist Rituals Shinohara

Tantric Buddhism and Chinese Thought in East Asian Buddhism Rambelli
Worship of the Ladies of the Dipper
Orzech & Sanford
Nagarjuna's Catuskoti
Treatise on Contemplating the Mind
Clear Serenity, Quiet Insight

True Words, Silence, and the Adamantine Dance Rambelli
Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime
Zhiyi (Dharmamitra)
The Purification of the Body
Precepts for an Emperor
The Consecration of Mount Koya by Kukai
The Legend of the Iron Stupa
Esoteric Pure Land in Kakuban's Thought
Ritual Music in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism
The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation
 Zhiyi (Kalavinka)
A Buddhist Tantric View of Passions and Enlightenment Astley-Kristensen
Methods of Yoga in Japanese Buddhism
A Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra
Japanese Esoteric Art and the Construction of an Esoteric Buddhist History
Kobo Daishi in Popular Lore
Stopping and Seeing: A Comprehensive Course in Buddhist Meditation
Visions of Power
Reading, Writing and Cooking: Kukai's Interpretive Strategies
A Seminar on Shingon Mikkyo
Esoteric Buddhism: A Definition
The Role of Esoteric Buddhism in the 21st Century
The Bodymind Experience in Buddhism: A Phenomenological Perspective
Kukai: Major Works 
Saddharma Lankavatara Sutra Gishin Tokiwa
The Lankavatara Sutra: Translation and Commentary Red Pine
The Flower Ornament Scripture: A Translation of the Avatamsaka Cleary
Ordinary Enlightenment: A Translation of the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Luk
On the Philosophy of Language Thomas Eijo Dreitlein
Gotama Buddha Vol 1 & 2Nakamura and Sekimori
Essentials of Buddhism Mizuno
The Sacred Path of the Warrior Chogyam Trungpa
The Way of Basic Sanity Traleg Kyabgo
Ascetic Figures Before and in Early Buddhism Wiltshire et all.
The Heart Attack Sutra Brunnholz
Buddhism: Its Doctrines and Its Methods Alexandra David-Neel
Smiling Zen Toru Matsui
Kukai and the Philosophy of Language Takagi & Dreitlein
Insight Into Emptiness Tegchok
Saicho and Kukai: A Conflict of Interpretations Abe
The Perfection of Wisdom Conze
A Study into the Thought of Kōgyō Daishi Kakuban van der Veere
Buddhist Wisdom: The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra Conze et
Moonpaths: Ethics and Emptiness Cowherds
The Symbolism of the Stupa Snodgrass
The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way Garfield
Mother of the Buddhas: Meditations on the Prajnaparamita Sutra Hixon
Satipaṭṭhāna: The Direct Path to Realization Analayo
Madhyamika and Yogacara: A study of Mahayana Philosophies M. Nagao
The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: Satipatthna N. Thera
With a Single Glance: Buddhist Icons and Early Mikkyo Vision C. Bogel
Tantric Art and Meditation in the Tendai Tradition Saso
Japanese Mandalas: Representations of Sacred Geography
E. Grotenhuis
Buddhist Materiality
F. Rambelli
The Whole Universe as a Sutra Gomez
Doctrine and Institution in Tendai Buddhism
Tantric Concept of Bodhicitta: A Buddhist Experiential Philosopy
M. Kiyota
Transforming the Void
Andreeva & Steavu
The Weaving of Mantra Abe Ryuchi
Feeding the Gods: Tantric Ritual of Japan R.K Payne
The Logic of Nonduality and Absolute Affirmation R. Habito
The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism A. Snodgrass
Ascent and Descent: Two Directional Activity in Buddhist Thought G.M Nagao
The Worship of Celestial Bodies: Politics, Rituals and Icons L. Dolce
Saicho: The Establishment of the Japanese Tendai School
Right View, Right Life: Insights
An Annotated Translation of Kukai's Secret Key to the Heart Sutra
T. Dreitlein
Cognitive Theories of Ritual and Buddhist Practice
R.K Payne
Asceticism in Buddhism and Brahmanism: A Comparative Study Shiraishi
Siddham in China and Japan Chaudhuri
Sanskrit Beyond Text: The Use of Siddham in Mandala and Other Imagery Dire
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
Shingon Mikkyo's Twofold Mandala: Paradoxes and Integration
M. Kiyota
The Doctrine of Interpenetration
A. Snodgrass
How Karma Works: The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising G. Rinchen
Treatise on the Middle Way Nagarjuna
Compendium of Knowledge
Self and No-Self in Buddhism Traleg Kyabgon
Two Esoteric Sutras Rolf W. Giebel
Mudra: A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture D. Saunders
Siddham and its Study in Japan Raghu Vira & Lokesh Chandra
Sanskrit Bijas and Mantras in Japan Raghu Vira & Lokesh Chandra
Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma: The Lotus Sutra Hurvitz
Siddham: An Essay on the History of Sanskrit Studies in China and Japan Van Gulik
Tibetan Buddhist Perspectives on Asceticism Thurman
Sanskrit Studies of Ji-un Sonja Chikyo Yamamoto
The Way of Great Enjoyment (Rishu Kyo) Taisen Miyata
A Study into the Thought of Kogyo Daishi Kakuban H. Van der Veere
The Rishukyo and its Influence on Kukai W.T Gelman
The Rishukyo: The Sino-Japanese Tantric Pranjaparamita Astley-Kristensen
Bodhicitta in Kukai's Shingon Practice White.
Attaining Enlightenment with this Body
Paths to luminosity: A comparative study of ascetic practices Barbara
The Enlightenment of Vairocana A. Wayman & R. Tajima
Fire, Lotus, Vajra: The Meditation of Tendai Tantric Buddhism M. Saso
Foundations of the Tien Tai Philosophy P. Swanson
Iranian Elements in the Formation of Tantric Buddhism
Lokesh Chandra

Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan Rambelli
The Way of Bodhisattvahood
K. Tamaki
The Threefold Lotus Sutra Kato, Tamura, Miyasaki
Kaji in Esoteric Buddhism Eijun Eidson
The Ritual Interplay of Fire and Water in Hindu and Buddhist Tantras H. Grether
A Study of the Earliest Garbha Vidhi of the Shingon sect D.A Todaro
Zen VS The US Navy David Chapman
Thinking through Shingon Ritual R.H Sharf
Kuden: The Oral Hermeneutics of Tendai Tantric Buddhism M. Saso
Buddhist Cosmology Sadakata
The Power of Nothing David-Neel
Meditation in the Wild : Buddhism's Origin in the Heart of Nature Fisher
The Suttanipata Bhikku Bodhi
Breath of Love Vimalaramsi
Buddha's Map
Revisioning Kamakura Buddhism Payne
Dharma Colour and Culture: New Voices in Western Buddhism Baldoquin
Living as a River Bodhipaksa
Language in the Buddhist Tantra of Japan
R.K Payne
Ritual Syntax and Cognitive Theory
R.K Payne
Creativity and Appropriation of Ritual: The Shingon and Shintō Gomas
R.K Payne
Extraordinary Language in the Buddhist Tantra of Japan R.K Payne
Buddhist Ritual from Syntax to Cognition: Insight Meditation and Homa R.K Payne
Homa: Tantric Fire Ritual R.K Payne
A Comparison of the Tibetan and Shingon Gomas R.K Payne
Cognitive Significance of Nenbutsu as Visualization and as Recitation R.K Payne
Zen Anarchism: The Egalitarian Dharma of Uchiyama Gudō
The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha
Moving Dhamma Volume 1: The Path and Progress of Meditation Vimalaramsi
The 1918 Shikoku Pilgrimage of Takamure Itsue Tennant
Compassionate Sacrifice: The Buddhist Incorporation of Vedic Rituals Kurfirtova
Tantra in Practice White

Overcoming Mountains: Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice for Anyone

Kosho Tateishi's Forest School of Learning "Furaisan Shōkakuin" Part 1-8
   Part 2     Part 6    Part 10
   Part 3     Part 7
   Part 4     Part 8
   Part 5     Part 9
Fire Ceremony at Sangakurin (Mountain Forest School of Learning)
I Have a Small Heart
Sangakurin Saito Goma
Kosho Tateishi Protesting Illegal Dumping
Koshikidake Shugen Mountain Shugyo

Shugendo at Mt. Hiko 
Gongyo in Hachikosa, Mt. Haguro 
Koshikidake Shugendo Mountain Ritual 
Mountain Entry at Mt. Koshikidake 
Mount Takao 

Altar of Fire Documentary
Fire Ceremony 'Hi-Watari' in Higashine, Yamagata 
Fire Ceremony 'Saito Goma' in Higashine, Yamagata 
Nari-Goma ceremony Kannonji Ft. Shokai Koshikidake 
Shugen Kaji-Kito 
Hashiramoto Shimpo Goma performed by Rev. Miyagi Tainen of Shogo-in
Shugen Kaji Kito 
NHK on the Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa 
Shugendo Now 
Where Mountains Fly 
Shugen: The Autumn Peak of Haguro [Link to Background Info]

The Path to Enlightenment: Dai Ajari Ryojun Shionuma
Sakai Yusai Kaihogyo Documentary

Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei
Hunting Natural Highs in the Mountain [VICE] Ft. Kosho Tateishi
Uketamo [featuring Fumihiro Hoshino]
Kumano [Kumano Shugendo]
Sokushin Jobutsu [Mummification in Mountin Sects ft. Gaynor Sekimori]
Indian Deities Worshiped in Japan Documentary
Holy Mountains Documentary

Mandala of the Mountain: Blog of Oceania Shugendo Cultural Studies Group 
Yinyang in Japan: harmonising vital energies 

Princeton University: Medieval Documents Uncovered at Sakuramotobo

Awakening the Waterfall: Get Lost Magazine Article on Shugendo
Mountain as Mandala: Shugendo Now Interview
The Mountain Monks
J. DeHart
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Mountain As Mandala: An interview with the filmmakers of Shugendo Now Owen
Issei Gyonin: The Art of Self-Preservation Alex Martin
Interview with Shugendo Monk Ryoei Takagi
Awakening the Waterfall: Shugendo and the Kumano Kodo

The Soul in Grief

Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow Ishimure Michiko

Animism in Contemporary Japan Yoneyama
New Worlds from Below Morris-Suzuki
Animism in Contemporary Japan Yoneyama

The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief Weller
The Cry for the Dead Wright

Iwenhe Tyerrtye Kemmare Turner
Dingo Makes us Human
D.B Rose
The Politics of Ritual Dussart
The Ascetic Self: Subjectivity, Memory, and Tradition Flood
The Ascetic Imperative in Culture and Criticism Harpham
The Geography of Sorrow Francis Weller
Dark Sparkle Yidumduma Harney

Celebrations of Death: The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual Metcalf

Manifesto for living in the Anthropocene Gibson, Rose and Fincher
Ngankari APY Womens Council
The King of Siam Invents Western Buddhism Chapman
Thunder Among the Pines Dannaway

That Which Will Become the Earth Escauriza
Signs of Life on a Barbarous Frontier: Intercultural Encounters in North Australia Rose
On the return of the sacred in Australia Tracey

Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger Owens

At the Edge of Extinction: Blessings in a time of Sadness
In the Shadow of All This Death

Part of the Fest: The Life of Val Plumwood

Kinship and Witness in this Time of Loss

Hanging in the Balance

Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation Wiilams, Owens, Syedullah
Some Thoughts about the Philosophical Underpinnings of Aboriginal Worldviews Mary Graham

Composting Feminisms
Ned Kelly Died for our Sins
D.B Rose
Kanyini [Film]
Kanyini [Article]
Bob Randall
Journey to the Crocodile nest

Deschooling Dialogues: On Initiation, Trauma and Ritual with Francis Weller Weller & Ladha
Healing in Justice
Noritta Morseu-Diop

Two Laws [Film]

Multispecies Knots of Ethical Time Rose
Why I Seldom Teach The Hero’s Journey Anymore Chalquist
James Hillman and the Buddha Mills
The Golden Bough Frazer

The Deep Ecology of the Sacred Weller
Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin Bell
We are in the Underworld Shaw
Singing Saltwater Country

Ganalanga Mindibirrina

My Grandmother’s Hands Resmaa Menakem
The Goodness of Flying Foxes Rose
Black and White Witness McQuire
Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice Bell

In Search of Duende Federico Garcia Lorca

What is Submerging? Bateson

Way of the Living Ghost Anderson

Mizukuyo and Grief Rituals  Kate Kodo
Braiding Sweetgrass Kimmerer
Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses Kimmerer

Scatterlings Martin Shaw

Wolf Milk: Cthonic Memory in the Deep Wild Martin Shaw

Sand Talk Tyson Yunkaporta
Pintupi Country, Pintupi Self Myers

Century of the Self

Eucalypt Ecology Williams and Woinarski

All our landscapes are broken Yunkaporta
Molecular Decolonization Redvers, Bird, Quin, Yunkaporta

Grief Rituals Weller

Unsettling Ourselves DM
Decolonising Solidarity Land

Living in Dying Rachel Bell 
Dark Ecology Morton

Maslow got it wrong Ravolichan
Why Warriors Lie Down and Die Trudgen

Un-earthing the Subterranean Anthropocene Zurita, Munro and Houston

After Australia  Affirm Press
The Great Tradition: Translating Durrudiya's Songs Muecke
Ancestral Power
How Big is the World? Sup Marcos
Shamanism in Northwest Australia
Lommel, Mowaljarlai
Holding Yawulyu
de Ishtar
Reports from a Wild Country: Ethics for Decolonisation
D.B Rose
Yorro Yorro: Everything Standing up Alive
Dark Emu Pascoe
Fatimiya/Jabarin Podcast
Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire Akala
Secret Country Pilger
500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Gord Hill
Milpirri: Winds of Change
Kaanju Ngaachi: Repatriation documentary
Mutual Aid Kropotkin

We Live in the Orbit of Beings Greater Than Us Farnsworth

Multispecies Entanglements and Implications for Ecology Linton
Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Treleaven

Warrior Publications
Your Resonant Self Peyton

Conspirituality Podcast 
Kotan Chronicles Sarashina

Green Halo Kohak

Living in the Anthropocene Bird-Rose

Schools for Chiapas
Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction D.B Rose
Death, Ritual and Belief: The Rhetoric of Funerary Rites Davies

Reflections on the Zone of the Incomplete D.B Rose

Hidden Histories D.B Rose

Shimmer: When all you love is being trashed D.B Rose
The Intimacy of Death and Dying Virago, Leimbach, McShane
Woolagoodja and Edols
Wit(h)nessing Boscacci
Country and the Gift
When the Snake Bites the Sun
Woolagoodja & Edols
D.B Rose
The Saga: Remembrance and Morality in European and Aboriginal Law 
D.B Rose
Connectivity Thinking, Animism, and the Pursuit of Liveliness 
D.B Rose
The Ainu and their Culture Chisato Kitty Dubreuil
Four Modes of Sorrow D.B Rose
Lost Wolves of Japan Walker and Cronon
Entering the Healing Ground, Grief, Ritual and The Soul of the World Weller
Drinking the Tears of the World: Grief as Deep Activism Weller
Keeping Faith with the Dead: Mourning and De-Extinction Van Dooren and Rose
Relationship and Communality Maroochy Barambah

Koshikidake Shugen-shu (總本山甑嶽山観音寺)
Shogoin/Honzan-Shugen-shu (聖護院修験)
Nikko Shugendo (日光修験)
Kinpusen Ubasoku
Kinpusenji (金峯山修験)
Inunaki Shugen (犬鳴山修験)
Katsuragi Shugen (葛城修験)
Nikko Shugen (日光修験)
Haguro Shugen (出羽修験) 
Takao Shugen (高尾山修験) 
Ishizuchi Shugen (石鎚修験) 
Tendai Jimon

Korinji Monastery

Shiga-Miidera (Onjoji)
Wabi'an temple Perth
Onmarkproductions Buddhist/Shinto photo dictionary
Association for the Study of Japanese Mountain Religion
Vividness: Discussions on Buddhist Tantra and Metaphysics

Hokai Sobol
Vajrayana Now blog

Berkeley Historical Text Archive
J. William's Shugendo blogs Fire Up Water Down and Elemental Japan
Key terms; Shinbutsu-Bunri
                      Shinbutsu-Shugo / The Three Layers of Shinto
Furaisan Shōkakuin Mountain Forest School of Learning
Tendai Australia
Shingon Australia
Love at the Edge of Extinction
Extinction Studies Working Group

Conspirituality Podcast
Josh Korda Dharma Talks Podcast
Shomudo Hermitage France

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
Ascetics and Pilgrims Blog on Shugendo
CSJR Journal
Refuge Recovery 
TKSL Buddhist Science Centre
Chenrezig Institute
Liberation Prison Project
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK)
Buddhist Council of Queensland
Sangha Queensland
Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy
Gary Foley's Koori Web
Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists

4zzz Community Powered Radio
Frontier War Stories Podcast

»Death and Dying/Palliative Care/Hospice/Care Work/Social Work
     The Geography of Sorrow
     Buddhist Chaplaincy Handbook 
     Exploring our Intention in Service
     The Arts of Contemplative Care
Giles, Miller, O'Hara
     The Threshold between Loss and Revelation
Rea and Weller
The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise Martín Prechtel
     Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul Jenkinson
     Bearing the Unbearable: Love and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief
     The Wild Edge of Sorrow Weller
     Hummingbird House
     Natural Death Centre
     Cittamani Hospice
     Karuna Hospice
     A Thousand Hands
Michon & Fisher
The Shark Cage Metaphor
     Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in Death Halifax

     Beyond the Colour Line: Cultivating Fearlessness in Contemplative Care Giles
     The Alchemy of Illness Duff
     The Fruitful Darkness

     Developing Trans* Competence in Buddhism
     Ipswich/Brisbane Crisis Handbook
     Unemployed Workers Union Handbook

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