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β€” πŸ“ Library & Recommended Reading
β€” What is Shugendo? Introductions by Practitioners

β€” A Reflection on Bodhicitta in Shugen
β€”Presentation: The Cosmopolitan Historical Background of Shugendō

β€” An Introduction to Essence, Form and Function and its Relationship to Sadhana.
β€” A Reflection on Embryological Symbolism and the Five Element Stupa in Shugendo.

β€” History of the Okugake  [translation]
β€” Mandala of the Mountain: Shugendo's Jukkai Mandara
β€” Shugen-Senpou: Divination methods of Shugen

β€” Tokogatame  [translation]
β€” Mt. Koshikidake's Nyubu (Mountain Ascetic Training)
β€” The Frog's Chorus From the Forest Floor

β€” Shugendo by Toyooki Mitsui [translation]

β€” Mt. Haguro's Akinomine (Autumn Peak Training)

β€” Miraculous tales of En'no Gyoja

β€” A Reflection on Embryological Discourse  in Shugendo.
β€” The Underworld and Shugenja by Rev. Okamoto Kodo [translation]

β€” Entering the Shugen Gate: Initiation and Ordination in Koshikidake Shugen

β€” Learning from Shugendo by Rev. Miyagi Tainen [translation of lecture]

β€” Sennichi Kaihogyo and Shugendo
β€” Lessons from the sanjusantsuki
β€” An Account of the 2014 Mountain-Entry of Koshikidake Shugen

β€” Notes on the 'Mirror of the Heart of Shugen' 
β€” Shugendo Doctrine

β€” Between Sacred and Mundane.

β€” The Gate to the Celestial World 

β€” Hymn to En'no Gyoja [translation]

β€” Hymn to Zaou-Gongen [translation]
β€” Mindful Verse of Recitation on the merit of the Great Manifestation Izuna [translation]

β€” Secret Key to the Avalokitesvara Sutra [translation]

β€” Shugendo and Taoist Thought [translation]

β€” Nine Verses of the Shakujo
β€” Saint of the Moon Disk: Kakuban 

β€” An Introduction to the Twin Mandalas in Shugendo
β€” The Five Stages in the Mountain-Womb  [translation]

β€” The Meaning of Two Breaths  [translation]

β€” Life and Death: Learning from Shugendo [Suicide Prevention Society Lecture]  [translation]

β€” JAXA Lecture: Astronauts and Yamabushi  [translation]

β€” History and the Heart of Shugendo Lecture  [translation]

β€” Mountain Logic and Urban Logic  [translation]

β€” Dialogue: Noh and Shugendo  [translation]

β€” An Interview with Daisaburo Sakamoto [Translation]

β€” An Interview with Onoseki Ryuuka [Translation]

β€” Separation of Gods and Buddhas at Dewa Sanzan by Isao Watanabe  [translation]

β€” The Ancient Shugendo of Dewa: Rites of Death and Rebirth  [translation]

β€” A Short History of Nikko-Shugen  [translation]

β€” A Survey of Waterfall Practice Styles at Haguro's Aki-no-mine  [translation]

β€” Waterfall Training and Physiology  [translation]

β€” An Interview with Nakata Junei of Daigo-ji Sanboin [Translation]

β€” The Way of the Ascetic's Self-Exorcism by Tarobo  [translation]

β€” The Road to Koshikidake Shugen's Revival  [translation]

β€” A comparative study of Homa rites (Sanbo-in Goma-ku and Kutaku-Ho Goma-ku).

β€” From the Archives of Kannon-ji: Points about Gohei  [translation]

β€” Concerns about Dewa-Sanzan from the Yamabushi of Kotakuji-Shozen-in 

β€” Shinto and Buddhism: The Story of Izuna Daimyōjin  [translation]

β€” The Mystery of Words  [translation]

β€” A Tengu Sutra  [translation]

β€” Esoteric Buddhism: The Road to Practice and Joy in Faith 

β€” True Recollections of the Horagai   [translation]

β€” Mt. Omine's Okugake Shugyo (Okugake Trail Asceticism)  [translation]
β€” An Indepth Exploration of the Daily Service in Koshikidake Shugen

β€” The Spiritual World of Esoteric-Buddhism
β€” Rare Shugen documents discovered at Sakuramotobō  

β€” Shugendō Past and Present: Restoration of Shugen Sects 

β€” Religions in Japan: Many or None? (Dharma World 2016)
β€” Strong Like a Mountain: A Brief History of Shugendō at Mt. Koshikidake

β€” Takigyo, Water Ascetic Practices and The 'Ice Man', Wim Hof
β€” The World of Omine Shugen: Practices of Immediacy  [translation]

β€” The Three Mountains of Dewa and The Spirit of Yamagata
β€”  Haguro Shugen: Rebirth through Nature 

β€” The Sublime Gate of Haguro Shugendo  [translation]

β€” Notes on the Shozan-Engi (History of Sacred Mountains)

β€” Where are the Kami? 
β€”Lion's Roar: The Horagai (Conch Trumpet) in Shugendō 
β€”[Guest Article] Oh my Bento! 
β€”[Guest Article] Miyoshi's View
β€” O-take Dainichi-Nyorai: A Servant Maid Becomes an Unlikely Shugendo Icon
β€” Kojin and Doji Practices in Koshikidake Shugen

β€” Healing, Divination, Fortune Telling and Exorcism: An Aspect of Shugendo.
β€” Kukai's Dream and the Shugen of Omine  [translation]
β€” Yama no Kami Mythology in Koshikidake Shugen
β€” A Brief Overview of Ascetic Practices in the Mountains & the Ten Realms Mandala
β€” The Legend of Shippen Shonin
β€”The Law of Perseverance: An Interview with Mitsunaga Kakudo Dai-Ajari [My Translation]
β€” Learning Through Repetition

β€” Initiation and the Ascetic Self Identity 

β€” Two Weeks at West End's House of Freedom

β€” Contemporary Social-Ecology and Shugendō
β€” Tengu: Amplifying our Conceit
β€” Yamabushi and Tengu by Riten Tanaka  [translation]
β€” Stress, Modernity and the Dharma

β€” Panel Discussion on World Heritage in the Kii Peninsula
β€” Grief as Deep Activism
β€” The Three Layers of Shintō
β€” Daranisuke - Household Medicine with Shugendo Roots
β€” In Memory of Deborah Bird Rose
β€” Shugendo at Mt. Tateyama
β€” An Example of Ritual Memoranda (εˆ‡η΄™ kirigami) in Shugendo

β€” Turning Towards the State of the World: Grief and Praise for the Yama-no-Kami

β€” Shugendo at Mt. Fuji
β€” Fuji-Ko and the Hatsuma-Tsutae 

β€” Post-ordination Rites in Koshikidake Shugen
β€” The Meaning of Yamabushi

β€” Foundations of Sutra Recitation

β€” The Spirit of the Dewa Basin
β€” Jinpen Daibosatsu: Myths and Legends
β€” Don't Forget those on the Inside: Prison Work, Abolition and Justice
β€” Esoteric Astrology and Shugendo
β€” Remember the Myall Creek Massacre

β€” The New Age Power-Spot Movement and Academia: The Impact on Shugendo

β€” A Conversation with Bernard Faure and Rev. Shionuma Ryojun

β€” Keep the Fire Burning: Remembering Dundalli
β€” Shugendo at Mt. Omine: From Shingu-Nachi to Yoshino

β€” The Wild Deity of the Three Treasures

β€” Dimming the Light: Being and Deity in Shugen Cosmology

β€” Notes on Shugendo Outside of its Cultural Context: Contemporary Issues and the Exploitation of Esoteric Sects 

β€” The Meaning of Shugyo

β€” Returning to Nature's Law: An Introduction

β€” Armour of Patience: Garments and Implements in Shugendo

β€” Shugendo Lore and Founding Myths (Engi)
β€” Yatagarasu in the Shugendo of Yamagata and Wakayama

β€” Tending to the Dead and Feeding Hungry Ghosts

β€” Shugendo at Dewa Sanzan and a Visit to Mt. Yudono's 'Wizard Swamp'

β€” The Stages of the Bodhisattva Path and the Ten Vows of Fugen-Bosatsu

β€” 2014 Japan Shugendo Cultural Association Conference

β€” Biwa by the Falls: Shugendo at Mt.Takao and the Yakuōin Temple Complex

β€” The Skeleton and the Bell

β€” A Brief Biography of the Yamabushi Restorer Shobo (Rigen Daishi).

β€” Dancing the Gods

Fundamental Post-Ordination Sadhana in Koshikidake Shugen: Commentaries and translations

Tokudo Saho shidai 

Mokuyoku Saho Shidai 
Kiza-Ho Shidai
Hajigoku-Saho / O-Segaki Saho Shidai 
Shasui Saho Shidai 
Kuji-Juji Goshinpo Shidai
Takishugyo-Saho Shidai 
Asagongyo/Yorugongyo Sutra Study 
Mine-iri Saho Shidai
Horagai Ryura
Meido Gongen Gomagyo 

Genpi Jingi Hihō TsΕ«yō Shidai 


Horagai Scores of Koshikidake Shugen

Hoken Saho 

Hashiramoto Shimpo 

Genpi Okuden Senko-Goma Kito-Ho Shidai 

Saito Dai-Goma Shidai Study 

Gyoja Daibosatsu Ho Study 


Ajikan Goma Saho 

Fudo-Ho Wata Shiki 

Harima-Saito Harai 
Kaigen Saho 
Sairyaku Hakken
Dakini-Ten Hi-Ho 
Shugen Senpou
Dewa no Shugen Shidai: Fudo-Ho

Torii Shinzo Kaigan
Gohei of Koshikidake Kannon-Ji 

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