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 ubasoku | current activity & upcoming events

⭐05.23 | Mountain-Entry (nyūbu-shūgyō): Yamagata, Japan with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

For more on Rev. Mitsunaga Kakudo please see my translation of:

Living in the Practice: An Interview with Dai-Ajari Mitsunaga Kakudo.

⭐ Current | Lecture Series: Learning from the Thirty-Three Sections.

⭐ Current | Foundational Doctrine and Practice.

An Introduction to Shugen Doctrine and Practice.
A Foundation in Buddhism: Shugen in context.

Introductory material and learning opportunities ongoing.

Please contact me for further details.

⭐ Forthcoming: Learning from the Dharma-Gate of Shugen (修験法門; shūgen hōmon).

Please contact me for further details.

⭐ Current Projects:
Shūgen Senpō Working Group.

Horagai Ryūra-Sahō Working Group.

• A Commentary on the Daily Liturgies.

A Foundation in Buddhism from the Perspective of Shugen.

• Learning from An Account of Shugen in Thirty-Three Sections.

• Learning from The Compendium on the Essential Practices of Shugen.

• Learning from The Tales of En'no Gyoja

• A Commentary on the Mindful Method Dedicated to the Great-Ascetic Bodhisattva.
• A Commentary on Shugen's Single-Offering Method.

• A Commentary on Shugen's 'Roaring-Homa'.

• [book] Shugen: Rebirth Through Nature with Prof. Gaynor Sekimori.